Liquor License

Liquor License

Liquor licenses are issued by Fremont County only for Fremont County licenses.   If the location is within a municipality within the county, you need to contact that municipality.

Licenses/Permits issued by FREMONT COUNTY, WYOMING

Annual Licenses/Permits: 

  • “TIPS” PROGRAM:  The Fremont County Commissioners are in support of the Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS) training program supplied by the State Liquor Division.  Those license holders who have at least one employee attend will receive a 15% refund on their license cost.
  • RETAIL LICENSE:  Fee $1,300.  Allows sales of alcoholic liquor and malt beverages for consumption on premises, off premises, or both.  Licenses available based upon population formula.  W.S. 12-4-201.
  • RESTAURANT LICENSE:  Fee $650.  Allows service bar dispensing of alcoholic liquor and malt beverages to patrons seated in dining areas of full service restaurants.  Alcohol sales cannot exceed 40% of gross sales.  W.S. 12-4-407.
  • BAR AND GRILL LICENSE:  Fee $2,000.  Allows sales of alcoholic liquor and malt beverages for on premise consumption.  Establishment must have a full service restaurant to qualify.  W.S. 12-4-413.
  • COUNTY RETAIL MALT BEVERAGE PERMIT:  Fee $650.  Allows sales of malt beverages for on or off premise consumption.  Permits may be issued for locations 5 miles beyond the limits of an incorporated city or town.  W.S. 12-4-201(b).
  • WINERY PERMIT:  Fee $390.  Allow fermenting of juices into wines for sale on and off premise.  Off premise sales are limited to 2.028 oz per sale.  On premise sale of other wines may be authorized.  W.S. 12-4-412(a)(ii).

24 Hour Permits:

  • CATERING PERMIT:  Fee $25/day.  Allows a RETAIL licensee to sell alcoholic liquor and malt beverages for on premise consumption at another location.  Issuance is limited to no more than 12 times per calendar year in any one location.  W.S. 12-4-502(b).
  • TWENTY FOUR ((24) HOUR MALT BEVERAGE PERMIT:  Fee $25/day. Allows a responsible individual or organization to sell malt beverages at a picnic, fair, rodeo, special holiday or similar public gathering.  Issuance is limited to no more than 12 times per calendar year per individual or organization at any one location.  W.S. 12-4-502(a).


We have provided links to the Wyoming Department of Revenue Liquor Division where all forms are available.

Please contact our office to see if there are any new licenses available before completing a new application.

It is necessary to renew your license every year.  If you have questions regarding this process please contact our office.